One-Way Evacuation Operation
One-Way Evacuation Operation
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One-Way Evacuation Operations - A Response to Hurricane Threats


One of the main responsibilities of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in emergency situations is to assist with planning and carrying out evacuations using the state's highways. These evacuations can potentially involve relocating millions of people from a threatened area and seeing that they reach shelter in a safe, timely manner.

During hurricane season, residents of coastal Florida are particularly vulnerable to the storm threat. This Web site contains information on the use of One-Way plans that FDOT, the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) and the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) would institute under certain conditions to evacuate coastal communities. Use this site to learn more about One-Way evacuations and the reverse-lane routes that have been planned for use in such emergencies.

Should a One-Way Evacuation operation be activated for your community, you will be advised through local radio and television stations. A good evacuation plan, however, is prepared well in advance. If you do evacuate, it is better to leave early and go tens of miles, not hundreds of miles. Identify where local hurricane shelters are located. If you are planning to travel to the home of a family member or friend, plan ahead of time what you need to bring and the best route to take to your destination.

Remember, your needs and those of your family should be the primary factors considered when determining the timing of your evacuation. By its nature, an evacuation is not a fast or efficient process, especially when thousands of motorists leave at the same time and traffic increases on major roads. Do not delay your departure in anticipation of a One-Way Evacuation plan announcement, nor should you assume that the plan will alleviate traffic problems on your evacuation route.

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